Privacy Policy

i. Preface

This policy instates how "" including its affilates (hereinafter "we", "us", "our", "Net-Chan", "", "") and our board software providers (hereinafter "they", "them", "their") use any and all information collected whilist using our website by it's user (hereinafter "you", "the user", "your information").

1. How is your information collected and What information is collected?

Your information is collected in a few ways here at First, by using the website, our board software will create cookies, which are small text files downloaded to your device. The cookies are broken down into a few different cookies:
  • A user identifier cookie (hereinafter "user-id")
  • An anonymous session identifier (hereinafter "session-id")
  • A cookie created whilist using the boards to store information such as read and unread topics.
By using Net-Chan, you consent to using cookies.

Upon registration of the website, we collect information given to us by "you" the user of this website. Your account on this website at minimum will contain your username (hereinafter "your username"), a password created by "the user" (hereinafter "your password"), and a personal valid e-mail address (hereinafter "your e-mail"). Any additional given by the user is optional. The user has full control on what information becomes publicly displayed.

Net-Chan has no automatic e-mail service; therefore opt-in's or opt-outs are not necessary. The only e-mail that can be sent to the user is a password reset e-mail, which is only sent if the user requests such e-mail to reset their password in the case they may forget or lose their password.

2. How your information is used.

We use your information for making your user account. Net-Chan will not and does not release or publicly share your information in any instance, without your consent.

By using Net-Chan, you give consent for "Google" to collect information via advertisements and Google Analytics on Net-Chan. Since we do not hold this information, we do not take responsibility for any misuse of your information by third parties.

3. Protecting your data

All necessary measures are put into place to protect your data to keep it secure. You have all rights to access any and all data we store for your user account, and you may request to delete your information at any time. To make a request to delete your user information, e-mail the board administrator at

Your password is ciphered so it is secure. However, we recommend you do not use the same password as on other sites. Net-Chan and anybody affiliated with Net-Chan will never request for your password. Do not give your password to third parties. You may request a password reset by providing the e-mail associated with the account, to send a recovery e-mail.

4. Changes to Privacy Policy

By using Net-Chan, you agree to the above terms and accept our privacy policy, rules, and terms of service. If you do not wish to accept any of these policies, you must stop using our service immediately. We may change our policy at any time and you will be informed when our policies change.

5. Deleting Your Account

You reserve the right to delete your account at any time. To do this, please e-mail the board administrator at


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Privacy Policy is currently GDPR compliant.